Murder in Mesopotamia?

Taking a new look at some old objects!

Stories from the Museum Floor

It is said that every object tells a story. Some are short stories, others novels; some are filled with romance, others with mystery and intrigue, meaning the archaeologist or historian has to rely on their “little grey cells” to figure it out.

It is easy to see objects as evidencing the lives of the people who made and used them. But objects histories go beyond their ancient lives – in their afterlives, they also become a part of the story of those people who found and collected them; just as the name of Howard Carter will be forever linked with the treasures of Tutankhamun.

Howard Carter Howard Carter examines the coffin of Tutankhamun

Looking at a small group of ivory objects on the Ancient Worlds Gallery, the plot thickens to reveal Manchester Museum’s connection to a detective famous writer and her husband.

ivories Carved ivory from Nimrud (Nos.: 1966.1-4, 43222)

These tiny, but…

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