Not just for Christmas…

A virtual Christmas card from myself, Jennie and all at the Manchester Museum.

Stories from the Museum Floor

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas here at Manchester Museum…


So we thought we’d take a stroll through the museum’s galleries and see what other festive objects we could find!

Our Nature Discovery gallery is a winter wonderland all year round!

And there are a lot of other creatures out there who would feel perfectly at home on a festive card or tree…

… and at least one who is hoping he doesn’t end up on the dinner table!


Time to get out the party frock…


…add a bit ‘o glitter or just your natural sparkle!…IMG_1553

The Christmas baubles…


Wrap all the presents perfectly!


… and celebrate!


This year at Manchester Museum, we’ve been thinking gifts – ‘Gifts for the Gods’…

… and unwrapped them virtually!

So whatever your plans for the holiday season, wrap up warm…


Eat plenty of chocolate..

IMG_1558 Enjoy many Christmas films (below:- Fortress of…

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