Talk English – Birds and Butterflies

A piece I wrote for the Manchester Museum blog, Stories from the Museum Floor, about the ‘Talk English’ project, and the collaboration with the museum.

Stories from the Museum Floor

Manchester Museum is a treasure trove of objects from all over the world, from fossils to frogs and from elephants to Egyptian mummies. The collection encompasses the weirdest to the most wonderful, with the gallery spaces so often filled with excited chatter and punctuated by moments of quiet contemplation.

One of the important roles of the museum is as an inspiration.

“Manchester is a city in Greater Manchester in the north west of England.  It has a population of just under 500,000. In the 2011 Census, 3.5% of the population said that they could not speak English well or at all. Up to 200 different languages are spoken in Manchester.”

Talk English Manchester

Talk English is a project working with adult learners with low levels of English to help them improve their language skills and get more involved in the community. The project is funded by the Department for Communities…

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