From Manchester Museum … With Love

A post we wrote for Valentine’s Day for the Manchester Museum blog, ‘Stories from the Museum Floor’.

Stories from the Museum Floor

Valentine’s Day Special Edition: From Manchester Museum … With Love

The museum has an extensive collection of some of the most beautiful and extravagant objects which would make perfect gifts for Valentine lovers…

… from gold and jewellery, to precious gems and flowers.  However, the gifts that carry the most meaning are often those that hold personal romantic and sentimental value for the givers and receivers, and sometimes literally cost pennies.

IMG_3685 No.: OC378. Love token on 1754 halfpenny. Money Gallery, Manchester Museum

A Love Token is a coin from normal circulation which has been smoothed on one or both sides and then transformed by the engraver with a personal message or picture for their love interest to keep. How the coins are smoothed is not clear – a jeweller’s lathe would give more clear cut edges. The majority of these tokens depict messages of affection, and usually a drawing symbolic only to the lovers, although…

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