Living with the Edge

A post I wrote for the Manchester Museum blog, about a book about one of the most magical places I know!

Stories from the Museum Floor

Like many local people, I fell in love with Alderley Edge as a child; it was undoubtedly ‘The Edge’ that inspired my quest for that magical hazy line, somewhere between myth and history, and certainly where I fell in love with the romance of the turning leaves of autumn. It was therefore both a pleasure and a privilege to talk about the Alderley Edge project with John Prag, Honorary Professor at the Manchester Museum and Professor Emeritus of Classics at the University of Manchester, who is not only editor and contributor, but who has been the driving force behind publication of this monumental tome The Story of Alderley: Living with the Edge.

A legend of a sleeping king, a wizard and a hoard of treasure, and stories of prehistoric ritual and sacrifice … what is not to fall in love with?

… … …

It all started with a…

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