Easter Treasure Hunt

An Easter Special I wrote for ‘Stories from the Museum Floor’ at Manchester Museum.

Stories from the Museum Floor

Manchester Museum’s Easter Treasure Hunt

This bank holiday weekend means different things to different people, whether that’s motivated by faith, family, chocolate, spirituality, sunshine (?!), or just a long weekend off work!

25790343990_ecf69b3ffc_oThis time last year, Easter coincided with Manchester Museum’s exhibition, ‘Making Monuments on Rapa Nui: The Statues from Easter Island’, and a year on Moai Hava still guards the museum’s entrance.

16252136194_e4c5535c02_o Moai Hava arriving at Manchester Museum in 2015, on loan from the British Museum

So, if Moai Hava was to set a treasure hunt, what would he choose? Probably obsidian blades, volcanic tuff, red scoria, and wooden ritual objects inscribed with the undeciphered Rongorongo script …

But don’t worry! Our Easter treasure hunt is a little easier …

First, can you find any Easter bunnies?

That was easy! What else?

How about the traditional fashion of Easter bonnets?

20160317_141214 Norwegian beaded bridal crown. The Study, Manchester…

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