Animal Kingdom – Two by Two

A magical exhibition last year at Manchester Museum – blurring the distinction between Natural History and art …

Stories from the Museum Floor

Today’s post is by Michelle from the Visitor Team at Manchester Museum. We are each sharing our passion and  interest in the museum and its objects.

For more about the collections at Manchester Museum, please visit the Curators’ blogs.

Animal Kingdom: Stereoscopic Images of Natural History

The animals came in two by two …

Something magical is happening this summer at Manchester Museum. The new exhibition, Animal Kingdom: Stereoscopic Images of Natural History is set to transport visitors into a world of wonder, in the same way as they were in the nineteenth century when stereoscopy was a fascinating new technology.

Animal Kingdom Sheep – Bristol Museum. Image by Jim Naughten, from ‘Animal Kingdom’.

The exhibition, curated by Rachel Petts, displays ‘stereoscopic’ photographs of natural history specimens by the artist Jim Naughten alongside objects from Manchester’s own collection, including primate skulls and bird taxidermy. What appear as two near-identical images placed side…

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