Gotta catch ’em all – Museum Edition

A post I wrote last year about about what happens when the the real and virtual worlds collide – and what this means for the future in museums. #PokemonGO #curatingthehyperreal

Stories from the Museum Floor

Today’s post is by Michelle from the Visitor Team at Manchester Museum. We are each sharing our passion and  interest in the museum and its objects.

For more about the collections at Manchester Museum, have a look at the Curators’ blogs.


Nintendo’s new augmented reality game has taken public spaces and cultural venues by storm this summer, and the online column inches of coverage and opinion across newspapers, blogs and other websites, are already adding up to nearly as many miles as players are travelling in their quest to ‘catch ‘em all’. I’m excited to see Manchester Museum through this new lens, so, let’s get Pokémon GO-ing …

Gotta catch ‘em all – Museum Edition

Let’s get Pokémon Go-ing … some friendly faces to welcome us to the museum!

Smartphones and other mobile devices have revolutionised how, when and where we get online and access data, with information super-highways…

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