Silver and Gold: Celebrating Age-Friendly Manchester

Looking back at the Age Friendly Manchester volunteer celebrations last year.

Stories from the Museum Floor

Silver and Gold: Celebrating Age-Friendly Manchester

“When I retire I’d like to move to Manchester”

A busy city, with no sea views … perhaps from the outside, the city might not look like it would make for the perfect retirement venue. However, over the last week Manchester Museum has been a place of celebration, and a testament to how Manchester is changing the way it thinks about older people, and perhaps more importantly, how older people are thinking about Manchester!

Manchester Museum has become, for a huge number of visitors, a ‘museum for life’, and this idea is at the core of the museum’s cultural offer as we are moving forward into the new and exciting Courtyard Development. From our early years and families, to schools and researchers, our events diary is packed full of things for all ages and interests, but this week particularly our focus has been…

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