An Inspired Anthology

An anthology of poetry inspired by the collection at Manchester Museum that I complied for World Poetry Day.

Stories from the Museum Floor

International Poetry day is coming up on 21st of March, making this the perfect opportunity to look at some of the creative output that has been inspired by Manchester Museum and its collections. 

Museums have always been renowned as places for learning and research, but they are also places of wonder, entertainment, and inspiration for all kinds of output for creativity.

“We preserve the past, define the present and educate for the future. Our collections present the material evidence of the creativity of humankind and the riches of the natural world; they inspire, enthrall and enlighten. We are a mirror to our own times and illuminate developments in our culture and society. We offer a place of education, community, discovery and reflection, a shelter from the pressures of our daily lives, and inspiration for our inner beings.”

A Manifesto for Museums: Building Outstanding Museums for the 21st Century


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