A Summer of Stories

A post I wrote last summer for the Manchester Museum blog, with the important themes that museums are a great place for inspiration, and literacy is for life!

Stories from the Museum Floor

Many of our summer activities at Manchester Museum have been about stories, books and reading. In today’s Story from the Museum Floor, we take a closer look at the BookBench exhibition, and some of the other Story Explorers events and activities that are going on during this summer of stories …


The BookBench Trail

If you’ve been out and about in Manchester, you may have seen brightly decorated benches popping up all over the place. These are all part of the BookBench exhibition. Each is unique, designed by local children and community groups, with their artwork being inspired by a love of books and reading.


The benches, shaped like open books, are on display until September 2017 at cultural venues across the city. The exhibition is part of the Read Manchester campaign from Manchester City Council and the National Literacy Trust, in partnership with Wild in…

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