Flinders Petrie, Father of Archaeology

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Today’s post is by Michelle from the Visitor Team at Manchester Museum. We are not experts, but we are people with a passionate interest in the museum and its objects. We each bring our own insight into Manchester Museum and its collections.

For more about Egyptology, please visit the Curator’s blogEgypt at the Manchester Museum, and for archaeology visit Ancient Worlds.


There are many personalities from the modern era who could justify a claim of parenthood to modern archaeology, from Johann Winckelmann to Heinrich Schliemann, from Mortimer Wheeler to Kathleen Kenyon… but especially here at Manchester Museum, one of the favourites for the title of ‘Father of Archaeology’ must be Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie.

Flinders Petrie, Father of Archaeology

The idea of archaeology was born in antiquity with ancient kings who set out to prove their divine lineage, and with Herodotus (

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