Celebrating Ganesha

A post I wrote for the Manchester Museum blog in celebration of Ganesha, when we hosted this magnificent schist figure as part of the BM Spotlight loan tour.

Stories from the Museum Floor

Manchester is filled with stories of people and of journeys – it is a city that has become a colourful melting pot of different cultures and faiths. Over the coming months Manchester Museum, along with other cultural venues, will be at the heart of a vibrant programme of events celebrating both our diverse heritage and our shared future.

This exciting series of exhibition and events includes Manchester Museum playing host to a very special guest…

Celebrating Ganesha

Celebrating Ganesha is a British Museum Partnership Spotlight Loan. Manisha Nene (of CSMVS in Mumbai), who participated in the British Museum’s International Training Programme, chose this figure of Ganesha as an ‘object in focus’; an exhibition exploring Ganesha’s importance in contemporary India in public worship and private prayer and was explained in the context of the annual festival in Mumbai, Ganesh Chaturthi.

1872.7-1.59 (British Museum)Sculpture of Ganesha (1872,0701.59) © British Museum


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